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Night Lantern Festival: A Photo Essay

It’s #BlogAlong time. 2 out of the 3Girls have already put their posts up this week and the 3rd one is finally ready with her story too. By the way, love the snapshots of Russia and Turkey, girls! Have you all seen them yet?

This month’s theme is a Photo Essay, and we aim to please you by writing less and visually trying to blow your mind. In a small way maybe.

While I haven’t been to anywhere as exotic as where the others went gallivanting, Melbourne does have some delightful festivals up its sleeves. Recently we visited the Dandenong Night Lantern Festival, where 30+ chinese silk lanterns were on display in the evenings, and what a sight that was. What amazed me was that each display was bigger and brighter than the previous one, and none of it was shoddy. Gorgeous and brightly lit pieces were such a highlight of the night, pun intended totally.

Sharing with you some of the pictures Arjun Singh took. And kinda showing off his some work too. Two birds. One stone.

Less talk. More pictures.

Can’t wait to show them all to you



Here goes:



I want a garden like this one day



The Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Tiger: 1986


Reminded me of Dusshera in India

Reminded me of Dusshera in India


There were animals from across the globe; elephants, lions, cheetahs, hippopotamus…



Don’t miss the koalas in the background


Penguins of Melbourne




We found Nemo!


What’s a Chinese display without Pandas see-sawing in the park



Walk like a Panda!


The gorgeous lanterned archways


My favourite shot of the night




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